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Diosa de La Luna

Camino Grande 11 MLS#21-834, Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas,
BCS, 23410, Mexico
$6,995,000 For Sale
  • 1751
  • 0
  • 7 Bedrooms
  • 5 Bathrooms
  • 7,532 sq ft
Valentino Y. Sartev
Valentino Y. Sartev
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Perched high above the city lights of storied Cabo San Lucas, a remarkable structure is chiseled into the Pedregal mountain. Modern, and, yet, timeless in design, La Diosa de la Luna, is an unique seven bedroom luxury estate that commands a panoramic view of two Seas and rugged cliffs, the Cabo Marina, the city and the beach all the way to Misiones Del Cabo point, overlooking the iconic formation of El Arco of Cabo the place where the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean meet the limpid lagoons of the Sea of Cortez. Inside, and out, calming water flows gently underfoot throughout the Villa.

The Zen of nature seems the foundation of this brilliantly designed and spectacular lifestyle environment. Peace and tranquility are as fundamental as nature inside, as the surrealistically brutal and pitiless beauty of the end-of-the-land topography is outside where the choya and mesquite exhibit the unconquerability of nature’s toughest beauties, their knarled raices, reaching indomitable into every crevice to assure their rightful and amazing tenacity prevail each spring with the transformational desert bloom and confirm that life belongs to those who insist on it and strive regardless of the challenges … This house unmistakably confirms its residents manifest that same such spirit of conquest and demand of life against all odds of success.
Inscrutable subtlety of varying hues of granite slabs, unearthly in soft polished and yet tractable, stone colors ebb and flow, above and below the ever-present canals and gentle cascades, schools of oriental Koi affirm the natural honesty of this Venice-in-the-Baja; a human-made wonder of structural and aesthetic engineering that observes and respects the God and nature-made phenomenon of the brutal terrain of the desert fox and majestic aerial kingdom of eagles, condors, and falcons.
The finest of ancient Mexican craftsmanship is exquisitely fused to the modernity of this floating world hovering beneath the Diosa de la Luna. Spacious handcrafted domes and barrel-vaulted brick passages all at a scale always generous but never cavernous to a faultau contraire!
“La Diosa de la Luna” features every state-of-the-art accessory and amenity. But only a personal tour will properly do it justice. Perhaps this brief introduction and selection of photos will prompt a visit of this unparalleled villa within the exceptional market where international successes come to relax aside the humble charm of a community at peace with itself and friendliness is not an amenity, it’s a lifestyle choice built-in, where nowhere is heard a discouraging word…
And a word to those who may see value in profitably marketing this exceptional retreat, this masterpiece would command “get noticed” to the high rollers surfing in the vacation rental markets of Los Cabos.
This is not just a home, but lifestyle at it’s best!!!

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