The Tournament director in Los Cabos, Jose Fernandez, will bring together several of the world players  on days 8 and 14 August, with the temporary headquarters at College Del Mar.

President of the Board of Pegasso Group, Renata Burillo said they are in negotiation process to acquire the tournament instead of Bogota, which lasted four years and held in Mexico, the country  will become the fourteenth country with more than one ATP tournament, 500 Acapulco and Los Cabos 250.

“More than expectations, the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), has great confidence in the success of Los Cabos; I bet that soon it will get position in the contest as it has done Acapulco, “said the vice president of the ATP, Linda Clark.

Finally, the  tournament organizers presented count on the unconditional support of the Government of Baja California Sur and said they will make a huge investment because from the beginning they have in mind a huge project.

Source: News BCS

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