According to the magazine “Golf Digest”, one of the most recognized in the world of this sport, Baja California Sur has 10 of the best 16 golf courses in Mexico, informed the head of the Ministry of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability (Setues) of the state, Luis Genaro Ruíz Hernández.

The state was also considered the Cathedral of golf in Latin America, by the International Association of Tour Operators of Golf (AIGTO), since it has 17 golf courses, of which 14 are recognized with the best designs and best location.

In that sense, the state official highlighted  that this tourism segment attracts the attention of investors; He also recalled that a few months ago the Danzante Bay Development Golf Club was inaugurated, in the municipality of Loreto.

Similarly, he highlighted that, during 2017, Los Cabos was chosen as the best golf destination in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“We are promoting all segments of tourism, with what we seek to attract more infrastructure, so that more and more people choose to visit Baja California Sur, hence the importance of this recognition by golf experts,” he said.

Finally, Genaro Ruíz welcomed any investment that translates into well-being and contributes to strengthening the tourist destinations of Baja California Sur, as long as it does not threaten the environment, he said.

Credits: BCS News/ Photos: Internet

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