Valentino Y. Sartev is the founder and current Broker of VanSirius Real Estate.
Originally from Bulgaria, he arrives in Los Cabos for the first time in 2003, with a contract for three months, hired to be stunt double in the movie Troy by the movie production company Warner Brothers and later in 2004 returns to start his life in Cabo.
He develops his passion toward the business world and combat sports from an early age. At the age of 13 he already owns his first official business.

At the age of 6, he started his sports career entering the Greco-Roman wrestling competitions  and later, at the age of 13, he migrates to the world of boxing and kick boxing, winning several prizes within the national territory in the following years, until the age of 18 when he enters the national army as part of tactical military team for  national border defense and later after his optimal results, transferred to the capital of the country to become part of the personal presidential guarding squad, part of the National Security Service office (NSO) under the direct command of the Country President, Petar Stoyanov.

But the business world kept calling, so Valentino ends his military service and continued the path of personal growth, starting new businesses and also forming a unit of personal guards at the service of high profile social individuals.
When he first visited the lands of Los Cabos in 2003, a new panorama opens up before his eyes and the door to a huge world of opportunities. He returns in 2004 and begins his life working in the Timeshare business from where he observes and learns about the area and the possibilities to grow, drawing his new navigation map in the local business world.
At the end of the same year (2004) comes the end of his work in the Timeshare industry and begins his career in the world of real estate which is underway to date.
But his feeling of protection did not end with leaving the  security activities behind in the past. He saw the need for, and the lack of  security services for the UHNWI`s  and at the same time a new business opportunity was born.

At the end of 2006, at the age of 26, he forms a new unit for personal security, composed of trained bodyguards serving high-profile executives and businessmen who visit the destination, as well b celebrities from Hollywood and Mexico.
His security business remains until the end of 2010 parallel to his activities in the real estate sector.
His private and personal security business has been the basis of his success in his real estate business because of the relationships established, and consequently the large list of contacts that today are part of his real estate clientele.

Today, Valentino is the current broker and the main engine of the company VanSirius Real Estate, which he founded in 2014. Along with his real estate business he continues to carry out philanthropic acts in the area of ​​Los Cabos and in his native country, something that has characterized him from his early age and childhood ..

“I believe and love God, He is first in all areas of my life and has the credit for all my achievements. I also believe that every and each one of us  comes to this world with purposes that we have to fulfill, and definitely one of my purposes  is to protect. The feeling of protection in me has been growing together with me since my childhood. Before, it protected physical bodies and provided security to people who needed it, today, I protect and secure the investments of my clients and also the weak ones in any way they need it. Who knows, maybe I will form again a human shield that will protect physical bodies someday in the future …, protection is my thing! “..Valentino says.